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ιδρύθηκε το 2006 και είναι τώρα 12 χρόνια σε λειτουργία.

8tt.org offers free hosting plans powered by LayeredPanel. Free plan includes 10 GB space, 10 GB bandwidth, PHP/MySQL support and full FTP access. Like with other LayeredPanel hosting providers, signup is fast and easy (email confirmation is required, and 8tt.org does not accept signups from people who use Hotmail or Yahoo email accounts). 8tt.org hosting is ads-free (no annoying banners or pop-up windows), and their servers are really fast - we had no single issue during all test period. So we may highly recommend 8tt.org for those, who are looking for free hosting provider with lost of space, extra features and easy to use control panel. And this is a copy of their activation email: Your 8tt.org account data: Username: xxx Password: xxx To manage your account via ftp log into ftp://xxx.8tt.org and via WWW go to http://www.8tt.org/login.jsp.

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Κάθε κριτική περνάει από το σύστημα φιλτραρίσματος μας, έτσι ώστε να μπορείτε να είστε βέβαιοι ότι όλες οι κριτικές είναι ειλικρινείς και αληθινές (όλες οι κριτικές spam, οι διπλές και αυτοαξιολογήσεις φιλτράρονται).

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