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Κυκλοφορία:February 17, 2019

Άδεια:CC BY 3.0 (τα credits στο υποσέλιδο πρέπει να παραμείνουν)

Credits:Εικόνες από το Unsplash


Designed specifically for construction companies, Bee is a free website template that is both easy to use and professional-looking. Whatever it is that you do, be it running a building or maybe an architecture firm, using Bee as a tool will suit your needs as it is a truly versatile and adaptive one at that. Bee allows you to easily create the online presence that you desire for your company and make it stand out by giving you access to all its wonderful features and layouts that you can use however you want. Bee’s core features include a full-width slider, an on-scroll content load, a parallax effect, and a really cool projects page. It also has the usual features such as a Blog page, a Testimonials page, a Contact page, and Google Maps to help your prospective clients find you easily.