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Κυκλοφορία:June, 2019

Άδεια:CC BY 3.0 (τα credits στο υποσέλιδο πρέπει να παραμείνουν)

Credits:Εικόνες από το Unsplash


Academics is a highly – simplified academic website template for academic centres such as colleges and universities. Equipped with an attractive, user – friendly navigation interface, it sports a combination of colours similar to conventional social media platforms, hence emphasizing easy adaptability for young users. The ready – to – use tool would place you on a high pedestal, to pull in traffic to your academic website. Academics gives you the ability to set up your academic website in little to no time, by eliminating the need to build from scratch. With a well – structured combination of navigation icons, the header serves both the old and new user with respective options. Academics also features social media integration icons, by which the user can connect and share progress with friends and family.